Playing Catch-Up: Manti

A crap load has happened. Isn't that how all of these posts start? I'm just sooooo bad at editing. Writing I love, ideas I have, pictures? Bajillions taken. Editing - not so much. Plus, I really tried to squeeze this summer for all it was worth and that didn't really include blogging.

However, it is labor day, which means Autumn is knocking on that door. I now have time to play catch up. Also, I can't promise any of this catching up will be in chronological order. My bad. Summer was a calendar-less blur.

 First things first - I got my call! Kansas Wichita, spanish speaking :) October 30th. You can read all the deets on the journey to that here, it's really long and there is no video yet ;) but there's the story. _________________________________________________________________________________

Somewhere near the beginning of the summer (I think) Angie and I went to the Manti pageant :) - Not a beauty pageant, by the way, I'm putting that out there cause the first time I went I realized Mormons call a lot of things pageant. - It's this (kinda corny but also quite impressive) play that's put on by the locals that's based on the bringing about of the Book of Mormon. It goes through Joseph Smith, the pioneers crossing the plains, shares some major highlights of the Book of Mormon and glides over some basic teachings of the church. Overall a pretty efficient "get-to-know-us" show. And also, there are Indians and wars and a pyramid and host of angels and fire! All done on the hill adjacent to a one of the most beautiful temples. So, ya know, it's kinda cool. (And the vendors make a mean funnel cake and fruit punch. umf). The pageant was also the first domino, in what became a road trip filled summer. ;)

All the first set of pictures I edited turned out to be "faceless scenery and stuff" ones, oh well. Part II will be a lot more personal. 



Hello there! Holy cow, there are oh, so, so, many things going on, but unfortunately almost none can be spoken of quite yet! It's intense though, so your prayers and good vibes will be SO appreciated.

These were from maybe 2 (?) Sunday's ago. I love the Sabbath, honestly, it just puts everything back in perspective. It's like going to your cousins house, except your cousin is Jesus. I apologize for my blasphemy, but really, it feels like the day I get to reconnect, make sure I'm doing everything the way He would want me to and tell Him my plans and feel His love and approval. If that's not the definition of awesome, I don't want to know what is! 

This particular Sabbath we went to temple square (it really is the gem of SLC, by the way). It was supposed to be a missionary activity, but in the end it was just a select group from the YSA (Young Single Adults) ward that went. We had so much fun! I bought way more ice cream sandwiches than we ended up needing and since they couldn't very well melt, we handed them out to strangers! You should've seen the faces on them, especially the kids, it was priceless hahaha. 
We saw the Joseph Smith movie as well, which I love and recommend to anyone with questions. Seeing it in a pretty layout like that with the right score and actors makes it easier for our modern brains to adapt to an amazing story like that. 

\\ Angie and I are really killing it with these "look how cute we are" pictures. Which is funny, 'cause if you saw the bloopers you would see how we're actually idiots. Hahaha I love her! //

\\SLC gem!//

\\Katie's skirt could not be tamed.//

\\Logan is trying to make it as a watch model.//


\\Josh wasn't about to lose to Logan.//

\\They finally realized they could not part ways, you either book them both, or neither. Model divas.//

\\Aren't they just the cutest!//

\\Hahaha Logan in the back = Gold. //

\\Sometimes, I sit in sacrament and think "Why aren't Amy Ellis and I tight like Legos?" then I remember it's sacrament and focus. Seriously though, don't you just wanna have a rootbeer float with this girl!//

\\These ladies are my friendship bread and water at YSA. Real talk.// 


PS. I got a new camera that I am still adjusting too, so all of these came out particularly blue. I know. #partyfoul. I was gonna edit them, but then I didn't. For two weeks. SO, I posted them smurfisized and all. Next time's will be better, promise. 

THANK YOU: Lanct, Logan, Josh, Joe (he left early :[  ), Kaity, Katie, Lydia, Chantel, Amy Ellis, and of course, my main squeeze, Angie. It was an awesome "Ward-bonding-activity!" 

On Sundays We Wear Skirts

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about self-esteem, mostly because mine has been kinda shot down, and to be honest, I'm not quite sure why. I've realized there are a lot of things about myself that make me oh, so uncomfortable. Things that make me feel awkward, and I don't like. The only knowledge I have gained from this is that really, life is gonna suck unless you embrace the uncomfortable. If you're not exactly the person you want to be, that's ok, if you want to change it, cool, if you want to be "true to yourself," also pretty cool. But really, what's worked for me best is knowing that there are always going to be flaws in myself that I see bigger than they actually are, and I can't change everything that makes me, me. There are going to be people luckier, cooler, prettier, smarter, richer, and tougher than me. Ok. Seriously. Just think "OK." Embrace the uncomfortable. I think sometimes we get caught up in trying to deny ourselves a feeling we don't like. "Oh, I hate feeling sad!" "Oh, I hate that I do that!" or even "Oh, I can't be happy right now" and it's dumb. Embrace it. Don't try to fight the feelings that we may not like, but are still beautiful, they're part of life, and they make us grow. The sad, the angry, the disappointment, the pain, the uncomfortable, the weakness, and the flaw - embrace it. Work around it. Move on.

Anyways, I'm on crack and it's late. I'm not really on crack, but it is very, very late. Here are some pictures Ange and I took at the Peace Garden cause we weren't really feeling the day and what's a better dose of medicine for the blues than a photoshoot?

\\ Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh, My! //

\\ Squirrel! //

\\ We had a hard time getting comfortable in front of the camera, hahaha //

\\ Photobombed by the gentleman in the back. Tengo flojera of photoshopping him out. //

\\ Once we got the hang of it though, things started comin' along pretty nicely //

\\ We really enjoyed that bridge apparently. //

That's it folks!