Ok, let's talk Oscar's for a quick sec.

*I'm glad Quentin won for best original screenplay,even though I really wanted Wes.
* Skyfall winning best Original Song was honestly my only really happy moment of the night.
*Um Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty got MAJOR snubbed. Lets just leave it at that ok?! Before I CUT somebody.
* Life of Pi was my other major choice and it got quite a few awards, so I'm content with THAT.
*we ALL knew Paperman was gonna win. But we were all still happy, admit it :)
*Amour won everything foreign? Yeah.
*Really wanted Wreck-It Ralph to win, but Brave made me cry, so it's all good.
* Soooo glad Ang Lee won for Life of Pi, that movie was phenomenal. I feel him and/or Benh Zeitlin deserved it most.
*Happy about Christoph Waltz winning but I REALLY wanted Tommy Lee Jones. Either way, Christoph Waltz developed more of a character, whereas Tommy just carried all his lines superbly.
*I feel bad for Amy Adams but yeah, I was rootin' for Anne Hathaway just like everybody else. Someday Amy, someday.
*Seth McFarlane? best choice you made Academy.

*OKAY - I love JLaw as much as the next gal, genuinely, she's wonderful. I love her. She did not deserve that Oscar. IF she were to have won an Oscar it SHOULD'VE been Winter's Bone. Today Jessica Chastain should've won. With every fiber of my being. Jen's performance was a caricature. By far the most predictable film I've ever witnessed be nominated. I knew exactly what was gonna happen the entire time. The only character that didn't seem an overt PARODY of the mentally ill was Robert DeNiro, everybody else was just... Too much. JLaw is a phenomenal actress, can control her face like no other but she did not have an Oscar worthy role.
* Daniel Day-Lewis: Duh. As long as he's making movies he will take the Oscar home, it's not even fair to the other actors. He literally should just have his own category so the other guys could get a chance.

* Argo????!!!!! Freakin Argooooo???!!!! No! Ok?! No! I quit you Academy! I'm done. Argo was a good film. The best film? Hell naw!


Basically ANY other choice besides Silver Linnings Playbook should've won. ANY. ANY of those movies would've been more productive, and powerful to the history of cinema. URRGGGHHHHHH.

Excuse my language. 

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