Love in the time of Anxiety.

 Alas, February has arrived, hear it roar. With it has come the ugly ice even January didn't want, gloomy days, fog, and what I'm scared to admit actually is, inversion. My house sits amid a cloud of pollution. Buuuuuuuuut... Valentine's is around the corner - not in the mood yet? Here you go:

Best television kiss in the last ten years? I'd say so. Ahhh love is in the air. 
In completely unrelated news: two of my great aunts came to visit 

So I got to play tour guide - mostly Wal Mart guide. It was all good fun. On Sunday my grandma comes to visit and all will be well with the world again :) 
Don't post for a month after announcing my decision to serve a mission? they diagnosed me with Anxiety Disorder. I get panic attacks. Mostly when I'm trying to not get a panic attack. You can see the dilemma. I'm to get super duper healthy and then I will be ready to go and serve. I know this is all for my greater good, but being patient is not my forte and I might just eat my foot. 

also: It's midnight and I'm hungry so I just might. 


  1. hahaha you seriously need to blog more often. I miss your posts terribly. Alright, that kiss... unreal. Like what the heck best thing of my life. I seriously re-watched it about ten times before I would finally let it be over. Just... gah perfection!

  2. P.s- totally know what you mean about being patient. I can't leave until mid august, so i can't put my papers in until the beginning of April. Kind of killing me!!