Taking the Leap.

As you know, I'm getting ready to go on a mission so my life has really been centered around my church and it's teachings lately. It's been difficult because it's really hard for me to be honest about how firmly I believe, love, and rely on this gospel because I am a skeptic and I understand how skeptic minds work. I'm afraid to be seen as a "bible waving lunatic" and even worse - "preachy" or heaven forbid "judgemental" in front of people who I admire - at least intellectually or socially. I'm working on finding a balance, or actually, on not caring because to be honest it seems there isn't a balance. I know which side I want to be on in the end, but getting to that side is proving trickier than I anticipated. What's this ramble about? Well, Preach My Gospel (our mission prep book) had an activity this morning - I wrote it in my journal and felt inspired to write on my private (nobody's-eyes-but-mine blog) then I realized if I REALLY wanted to grow I would have to put it on here, in front of everybody and not give any explanations (ok this doesn't count because this is my first time doing this, ok?! - baby steps) so here we go. The assignment was to write a small newspaper article on the restoration. What's the most important thing you would say and you'd have to keep it catchy. Ok that catchy part I added, but I take writing prompts seriously, and newspaper articles are catchy dang it!


The true gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored! Where was it? Well, look around you - are there 12 apostles today? Are there prophets and revelation and the power of God on Earth JUST LIKE IN CHRIST'S REAL CHURCH WHEN HE WAS ON EARTH?! - NO! It's been gone! But fear not, our Father in Heaven is loving and wonderful, he has restored his true gospel, apostles and all, through a modern day prophet (yes, just like Moses)  - Joseph Smith! Don't believe us? Read the Book of Mormon. "What's the Book of Mormon?" Say you? Another testament of Christ because, like we said, God loves all his children, including the ones that were in the Americas in the times of the Bible. These are THEIR accounts! They had prophets, apostles, priesthood and Christ's true church! He even visited them after his crucifixion! Don't believe us? Read the Book of Mormon! The true gospel of Christ is on the Earth again, with all it's blessings - dont believe us? Read the Book of Mormon! 

God and His Son love you, and are calling you home. If you read, with a sincere heart, and ask The Lord if it's true - you will know. You will know the Savior lived and you will know He died for you and most importantly, you will know why. But don't believe us read the Book of Mormon.