Hello there! Holy cow, there are oh, so, so, many things going on, but unfortunately almost none can be spoken of quite yet! It's intense though, so your prayers and good vibes will be SO appreciated.

These were from maybe 2 (?) Sunday's ago. I love the Sabbath, honestly, it just puts everything back in perspective. It's like going to your cousins house, except your cousin is Jesus. I apologize for my blasphemy, but really, it feels like the day I get to reconnect, make sure I'm doing everything the way He would want me to and tell Him my plans and feel His love and approval. If that's not the definition of awesome, I don't want to know what is! 

This particular Sabbath we went to temple square (it really is the gem of SLC, by the way). It was supposed to be a missionary activity, but in the end it was just a select group from the YSA (Young Single Adults) ward that went. We had so much fun! I bought way more ice cream sandwiches than we ended up needing and since they couldn't very well melt, we handed them out to strangers! You should've seen the faces on them, especially the kids, it was priceless hahaha. 
We saw the Joseph Smith movie as well, which I love and recommend to anyone with questions. Seeing it in a pretty layout like that with the right score and actors makes it easier for our modern brains to adapt to an amazing story like that. 

\\ Angie and I are really killing it with these "look how cute we are" pictures. Which is funny, 'cause if you saw the bloopers you would see how we're actually idiots. Hahaha I love her! //

\\SLC gem!//

\\Katie's skirt could not be tamed.//

\\Logan is trying to make it as a watch model.//


\\Josh wasn't about to lose to Logan.//

\\They finally realized they could not part ways, you either book them both, or neither. Model divas.//

\\Aren't they just the cutest!//

\\Hahaha Logan in the back = Gold. //

\\Sometimes, I sit in sacrament and think "Why aren't Amy Ellis and I tight like Legos?" then I remember it's sacrament and focus. Seriously though, don't you just wanna have a rootbeer float with this girl!//

\\These ladies are my friendship bread and water at YSA. Real talk.// 


PS. I got a new camera that I am still adjusting too, so all of these came out particularly blue. I know. #partyfoul. I was gonna edit them, but then I didn't. For two weeks. SO, I posted them smurfisized and all. Next time's will be better, promise. 

THANK YOU: Lanct, Logan, Josh, Joe (he left early :[  ), Kaity, Katie, Lydia, Chantel, Amy Ellis, and of course, my main squeeze, Angie. It was an awesome "Ward-bonding-activity!" 

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