Tea Time (or Peer Pressure)

My friends have bullied me into this.

Just a little bit. I carry my camera everywhere, but midst the renovations on the site, work, editing, school and life.. I just.. "eh." Let the pictures gather proverbial dust in my CF Card. But a lot has been going on as of late, and I've got a myriad of beautiful pictures to go along with the stories, I also recently made peace with Photoshop and other Adobe programs so, this place is about to get a whole lot prettier (if I can find the time, honestly).


For all the years I've known Aubri, we've been saying we're going to have a tea party for her birthday, for 7 years we failed, but on the 8th, we struck gold (mostly Lauren, she handled errythin, and a shoutout to Ciara for all the tea party stuff). We all got dressed up as Wes Anderson related Characters! It was actually super cute and fun. Also, no pictures of my cute costume because my camera is an ill-behaved child nobody can handle but me.

 \\ We laugh - a lot - when we're together, that's my favorite part. (awwwww) //

 \\ We don't actually enjoy tea all that much, so we had sparkling cider and grape juice instead. //

And with that mischievous grin, I sign off. Until next time!

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  1. Oh my word... Girl! This new layout is amazing!! I love it!! And I miss you. And I want to have a tea party. You are just the greatest!