Playing Catch-Up: Manti

A crap load has happened. Isn't that how all of these posts start? I'm just sooooo bad at editing. Writing I love, ideas I have, pictures? Bajillions taken. Editing - not so much. Plus, I really tried to squeeze this summer for all it was worth and that didn't really include blogging.

However, it is labor day, which means Autumn is knocking on that door. I now have time to play catch up. Also, I can't promise any of this catching up will be in chronological order. My bad. Summer was a calendar-less blur.

 First things first - I got my call! Kansas Wichita, spanish speaking :) October 30th. You can read all the deets on the journey to that here, it's really long and there is no video yet ;) but there's the story. _________________________________________________________________________________

Somewhere near the beginning of the summer (I think) Angie and I went to the Manti pageant :) - Not a beauty pageant, by the way, I'm putting that out there cause the first time I went I realized Mormons call a lot of things pageant. - It's this (kinda corny but also quite impressive) play that's put on by the locals that's based on the bringing about of the Book of Mormon. It goes through Joseph Smith, the pioneers crossing the plains, shares some major highlights of the Book of Mormon and glides over some basic teachings of the church. Overall a pretty efficient "get-to-know-us" show. And also, there are Indians and wars and a pyramid and host of angels and fire! All done on the hill adjacent to a one of the most beautiful temples. So, ya know, it's kinda cool. (And the vendors make a mean funnel cake and fruit punch. umf). The pageant was also the first domino, in what became a road trip filled summer. ;)

All the first set of pictures I edited turned out to be "faceless scenery and stuff" ones, oh well. Part II will be a lot more personal. 


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